4 Common Mistakes in Applying Minimalist Design in the Living Room

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The living room is inevitably one of the unparalleled, irraplacable rooms in the house. Its existence, especially for the homeowner with a family, defines the family togetherness that embraces the house, making it very important when it comes to socializing among each family member. However, many homeowners often commit mistakes in designing or decorating the living room, so that they feel that there’s something wrong or less in their living room. Either it’s because they apply abundant accessory in their small living room or even they fail to arrange the furniture layout.
Below are four comon mistakes in the living room:

1. The paint color selection
The coloring is the fundamental element in promoting the atmosphere you want. Therefore, it’s quite tricky when it comes to selecting the best color combination for a room like a living room which in the central part of the house. So, before you buy and apply the colors, you may want to experiment it in advance through the computer programs where you can try every color without having to feel risky.

2. The accessory usage
The interior accessory might create a stunning look when it’s proportionally applied. But, sometimes, what we often see is that a small living room is forced to “accept” the ambition of the homeowners to incorporate a lot of interior accessories, making it simply feel cramped and narrower.

3. Keep the unnecessary things
Many homeowners are stuck on a situation of keeping the unnecessary fixtures in their living rooms, which it can be furniture, electronic or household appliance, etc. This is usually because such things are pretty memorable to them, making them hardly let them go. In fact, the presence of such things in the living room, whether the living room is big or not, is extremely not effective for the balance of the home interior.

4. Lighting
Similar to the coloring element, the lighting also plays a very instrumental to any room’s ambience, especially social area like the living room. You don’t need to integrate complex or expensive lighting system, tracking lighting would give a great difference to the living room.

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Modern Design Living Room 2

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Minimalist Design In The Living Room

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