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The Japanese home interior design is not a quite tricky interior design to apply because we have to incorporate the concept Japanese natural traditional and modern principles. The Japanese interior design has a variety of traditional styles. However, the home interior designers who apply the Japanese home interior are usually based on the 7 Principles of Japanese Home Interior Designs, namely:

1. Flexibility
The use of eficient resource is a part of the fundamental Japanese culture, which also comes in the architecture. Each room in the Japanese traditional house can be versatile – it serves more than one function. For example, a bedroom. SInce the Japanese used to use the traditional Japanese portable matress to sleep called futon which is very flexible, during the daytime, it is folded and stored in some kind of storage space, and then the room can serve as a living room. In addition, the Japanese traditional interior layout is also configurable, meaning that the room partition can be reconfigurable thanks to the Japanese traditional wall called shoji.

2. Natural Materials
Both Japanese traditional and modern interior designs tends to prefer using natural materials like softwood, bamboo, silk, rice straw mat, and paper. All of those materials are all over the Japanese interior.

3. Simplicity
To the Japanese, the simplicity culture is as important as the interior element. In addition, the interior has to be kept organized and neat from all of the clutter.

4. Calm coloring
Since the Japanese home interior design is pretty identical with the nature, it also comes the same way when it comes to the coloring. The earthy tones are the common option for the Japanese home interior design. Brown, beige, off-white, gray, or red are among the favorite colors.

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