A Clean and Healthy Kitchen

A Clean And Healthy Kitchen

Do you have a clean and healthy kitchen? The kitchen is considered a busiest room in a house given the cooking activity, which is conducted everyday, requires many things, spanning of a lot of food ingredients and cooking utensils, which at will leave the dirty in the kitchen walls and floors, not to mention the aroma made of the cooking. Therefore, you need to keep your kitchen organized and clean to ensure the healthy and hygiene of your entire house.

The kitchen lighting
The lighting is one of the important things that must really be considered in the kitchen. Cooking will absolutely need adequate lighting. The lighting can be obtained from two sources, namely natural and artificial lighting.

The natural lighting
Since the cooking activity often produces germs, the natural lighting a.k.a sunlight is very useful to kill germs in the kitchen. In order to obtain sufficient sunlight, the only way to realize it is by installing a fairly large window or another opening. Beside ensuring the hygiene of the kitchen, a kithcn with sufficient sunlight means saving more electrical energy during the daylight.

Artificial lighting

As the sunlight is not available all the time, then the artificial lighting is needed as a replacement light. There are 3 types of lighting that can be used in the kitchen, namely:

General lighting
This lighting is used to enlight the kitchen, especially when there is no sunlight. The lighting should not be too dim or too bright.

Task lighting
This type typically uses halogen and is placed above the kitchen set. It is used to illuminate specific areas, such as the countertops.

Accent lighting
This lighting is used to enhance the look of the kitchen. It is generally placed in the cabinet’s glass door containing the display. The presence of this lighting will certainly enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

A Clean And Healthy Kitchen

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