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Garage is home to your private car. Therefore, in order to keep your property safe is one of which by selecting the right garage door. A garage door is one of the most important components of your garage. This not only serves as a safety tool, it can also be a design statement for your property.

Before you build a garage or decide to replace the garage door, it is important for you to determine the style, shape and size of your garage door so you won’t need to sacrifice the design of your garage door. Basically, there are five types of garage doors which all garage door manufacturers adopt; retractable doors, canopy door, sectional doors and sliding doors. Each type of door has its own uniqueness and difference in its performance and design.

1. Retractable door
This is a type of garage doors which when opened, most part of the outside part of the door swings and it’s pulled up to the ceiling of your garage. This is easiest type of doors to be automated with a suitable electric opener.

2. Canopy door
This type of door is easy to install because no tracks are required inside the garage. Canopy door is usually made of available wood and light steel. This garage door provides a good drive through width.

3. Sectional door
Sectional door consists of a number of separate panels, which are hinged horizontally. Sectional door provides a better security and protection against the weather. Doors are provided with insulation. It is usually manufacture in steel material.

4. Roller door
As the name suggests, the roller door scrolls vertically upwards. The doors provide good security and protection levels. This door is mainly produced in aluminum and steel. Installation of doors is fairly easy.

5. Sliding door
This door is usually manufactured in steel and wood. The door opens outwards and has a very traditional design.

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