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Thanks to the internet, today many people prefer working from home. Of course, because it’s obviously more economical and comfortable environment to be able to work in our own home. However, although that it’s a home office, we still have to build the real office office atmosphere, so we will always concentrate and focus on the work.
There are a number things that need to be considered if you want to create a comfortable yet proportional home office;

A good chair
Given we are definitely going to spend hours sitting on the office chair, an ergonomically-designed chair should be a priority. Good office chairs might be expensive, but it will syrely be durable for a long usage which eventually make us become more productive.

Healthy lighting
Make sure that you have two types of lighting systems installed in your home office, namely general and task lighting. In addition, it would be much better if your home office have a good natural lighting by integrating one big window.

A good air circulation
A stuffy room were will make us feel tired and bored quickly which will eventually cause health problems. Therefore, provide an adequate ventilation and air circulation, either the window or air conditioning system.

Present the plants
Plants help the oxygen circulation in the office environment, thus eliminating the shortness of breath in the small room. There are several types of resistant plants in the room.

Keep it organized
Although the room is not so spacious, you have to clean and organize it regularly, so that you can use it efficiently and comfortably. Attach the wall shelves to put paper and office equipment.

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Home Office Ideas

Home Office Design Ideas

02 All Natural Nook Home Office Space Homebnc

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