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Wood Flooring Ideas Interior

The emerging trend in the current home design tends to refer to the concept of natural. People are now getting fed up with the concept of modern and want something natural. One way to bring a touch of nature in the home through the use of wood flooring.
There are various types of wood commonly used as flooring, ranging from oak, mahogany, Brazilian cherry and Canadian maple.
People are now getting realized of the earth’s condition, so that they want to reduce the use of carbon, which can come be representated in the use of natural home building materials. In addition to wood, people now also start using the bamboo flooring. This is because they are increasingly aware that the excessive use of wood would threaten the world’s forests.

For that, they tend to choose bamboo as the tree is more “environmentally friendly” than hardwood. Bamboo is a robust proved plant and doesn’t require a long time to grow – quite different with harwood that needs decades to be grow mature. So, no wonder that this material becomes one of the toughest contenders in the natural flooring.

Recycled wood
Participating the earth’s conservation, homeowners also another option of the natural flooring, the recycled wood flooring. For those of you who have a a high consciousness in environment issue, using recycled wood is a wise alternative as we can contribute maintaining preservation of forests as well as having the natural beauty inside our homes. However, one of the most troubled drawbacks of the recycled wood flooring is expensive.

Oak wood
This wood is the most recommended natural flooring materials by many interior designers. It can absorb the colors of its surroundings beautifully and produces a very natural look of wood in your interior.

Wood Flooring Ideas

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Wood Flooring Ideas Interior

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