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Vertical garden is a method in the vertical field which usually utilizes the corners or a blank wall of the building. This kind of garden lets you get the typical garden’s beauty and benefit in a narrow area. Well, what if such a concept to be applied on our homes? Of course, you won’t need a large field to construct it. You can make a vertical garden in a much simpler version.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by displaying a number of potted plants on the shelves attached vertically on the wall. Prepare your pots and plants. To plant, choose simple maintenance-required vines like Peperomia, hemalomena, purslane, or betel ivory. The next step, put the pots into a plant chain by wrapping a thick wire. After the pot chain is ready, you can hang it on nails that has been soldered on the wall.

Make sure that you place the vertical garden whose plants receive a good sunlight in order to keep it fresh. Water your plants regularly. You can also use the automated watering system, so that the plants are regularly watered. Furthermore, to make the remaining water is absorbed directly into the soil, if possible, put the pots right above the soil surface.

In addition to being able to add aesthetic value of your home, the vertical garden can also lower the temperature of the thermal interior of the building as the leaves of the plant can reduce the effects of solar heat. The vertical garden also serves to reduce air pollution and increase the oxygen supply. If your plant arrangement is quite tight, the noisy sound from the outside can also be muted.

Just like other kind of gardens, you certainly need patience to make a vertical garden. However, the energy will be comparable with the results that you get, it can even give an infinite satisfaction.

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Vertical Aquaponics City Dwelling Vegetable Farming

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