Indian Decoration Ideas

Indian Decoration Ideas

What does cross your your mind when you hear the Indian home design? it would possibly be rich, colourful, and eclectic. The Indian home decor creates a beautiful concept of the color usage combined with the rich interior accessories. Spicy just like what its culinary tastes. Spicy but tasty. That’s what you will have if you choose to apply this exotic home interior into your home.

The first thing that always comes first when it comes to Indian home design is the color scheme. Its rich and warm tones emerge the dynamic and vibrant ambience. Plus, you will barely see white color in the Indian home design. The orange and terracotta are the common colors to be applied given their atmosphere of promoting a dynamic feel. In addition, yellow and brown are also recommended to fill the Indian interior like the dining room or kitchen.

Since the Indian home interior is quite identical to traditional home design, we will see many curved, sculpted furniture wrapped in a number of artistic designs. A big bed enriched with a a canopy is a fixture that’s pretty popular in the Indian bedroom. Don’t forget that the Indian furniture always incorporates complex sculptures, making it such a high-artisitic fixture to present in the interior.

The textile would be the most famous thing to be one of Indian interior sweeteners. Indian interior decor doesn’t adhere to match everything in it but rather mixes that any kind of texture, which can be represented by fabric. Sari is the traditional Indian textile that not only serves as the clothing fabric, it can also become a distinct interior accessory. You can set them as upholstery, table cloth, curtain, or even just decorative wall element.

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Indian Decoration Ideas

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