Popular Home Ceiling Types

Popular Home Ceiling Types

The aesthetics and the comfort of a dwelling are determined by the overall home design as whole part that is unable to be separated from one to another. It means that every part of the house has the function and role that’s equally important in creating the comfort and beauty of a dwelling. In this case, we can’t say that the floor is a part that is more important than other parts such as walls or ceiling, and vice versa. Therefore, choosing the best material for each of these parts is a necessity.

And, when it comes to the ceiling, the ceiling materials that currently exist in the market is quite diverse, so that we can tailor it to the needs of the ceiling options, especially the design we want. Each type of ceiling certainly has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of strength, beauty, ease of installation and price. Here are the types of ceiling that you can choose for the ceiling of your home, both interior and exterior.

Gypsum ceiling
Currently, the gypsum ceiling is the kind of the most widely used by the public. With a varied choice, both the thickness and the price offered, making this type of ceiling the most popular material. In addition, gypsum ceiling is a type that is easy to install with a fairly diverse selection of metal and wood frame. The drawback is that it is less resistant to water seepage.

Plywood ceiling
Before the gypsum becomes the most popular type, the plywood was pretty much in demand. Plywood ceiling is quite easily obtained in the market at an affordable price. The installation of it is relatively easy. However, it is classified as extremely flammable.

Hardwood ceiling
The hardwood ceiling is made of lumberseering, wood that is formed into sheets and then dried. The nature of this ceiling type and its shortcomings are almost identical to the type of plywood.

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Popular Home Ceiling Types

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