Simple Home Garden Ideas

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Making a home garden is not easy. Therefore, many people who entrust the construction of the garden on a landscaper. However, if you would like to be creative and leaving time to learn, you can really create a beautiful garden at home.

Before making a garden, you have to first consider match the concept of the garden with the concept of your house. For example, if you house applies the minimalist concept, then create a garden with the same concept.

Determining the soil condition or soil contour should also be taken into account. And, this is the next trick you should apply. Do you want a contoured (hill), normal (flat), multileveled, or varied garden? But remember, all of them should suit your needs. Afterwards, do not forget to pay attention to the conditions and soil moisture. Is your soil fertile or not? If it is, you no longer need to add fertilizer.

For those of you who have a pretty small space for home garden, it’s wise if you choose plants that have a quite small-sized growth, avoid having trees or other tall grown plants as they will certainly overpower the garden ambience. All kinds of flowers, shrubs, certain bushes, and ferns are preferred to fill the small spaced home garden.

Intensive care is very necessary, especially for newly planted crops. First, consider which plants that need more water, which is not. For example, Sansevieria plant that can’t be watered too much. For big and tall plants (like a palm), water the tree from the top of the tree down to the ground with plenty of water.

The last stage is to add the hardscape, which also serves as the complementary of the home garden. Add the stepping made of natural stone surounding the garden to allow you enjoy the beauty of the garden. In addition, also consider integrating element of water that comes in a form of a fish pond or mini waterfall.

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Simple Home Garden Ideas

Simple Home Garden Ideas Simple Home Landscaping Ideas Explore Home Garden Design Small

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