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The kitchen increasingly becomes an important part of the home. A small kitchen often makes it difficult for homeowners to organize the items and use them. Therefore, nowadays, there is one interior design that’s quite recommended for houses with small interior, including the kitchen; the minimalist design.

The biggest mistake in the small kitchen arrangement is that we put too many furniture and accesories in the kitchen, making the kitchen feel so cluttered. It would be wiser if we can better concentrate and emphasize how narrow steps to maximize the space availibility in your kitchen and make sure that you can optimize the space availibility in your kitchen while still leaving an adequate open space to keep it simplified for the activity traffic in it.
Since the kitchen is a high-traffic room, you have to ensure that you only place necessary fixtures to support your activity in this room, spanning a kitchen set, a refrigerator, a sink, several cabinets, and perhaps one to two chairs.
The minimalist interior design is much identical with the modern impression. Therefore, don’t forget to incorporate this impression into the kitchen by integrating stainless steel backsplash and metal and glass component-integrated kitchen furniture.

The use of bright colors might can create a stunning look to interior, but when it comes to small rooms, the dominant use of bright colors would bring the atmosphere to a narrow state, making the small room seem more limited. The neutral colors are much wiser. Furthermore, the minimalist interior concept recommends the neutral pallete as it can gives an airy feel to a room.

To further enhance the look of your minimalist kitchen, consider varying the materials used. the goal is to avoid the monotonous effect due to the coloring element.

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Remodel Small Kitchens

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Remodel Small Kitchens Beautifu

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Remodel Small Kitchens Ideas

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